Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Within a few days after the evaluation day and prescribed changes in my food habits, my body began feeling lighter, my mind clearer than ever before and my retention improved in great measure. All of these have added new dimensions to my work and life. -S.M., Las Vegas, NV

I feel like a new woman. I cannot believe how much better I feel. This is the first time in three years I’ve not had a blasting headache at 4 pm. No more Valium to sleep and I’m waking up naturally after eight hours. I was squished into a size 16 and now am in a loose 12. And I have no cravings. I feel human again and together. -P.R., Nahant, MA

I am so grateful for helping me become healthier and more vibrant. I was in such a low place, feeling lost and hopeless about what I could do to ever feel strong and get to a healthy weight again. I’m losing weight, feeling stronger. I no longer feel the despair and frustration about how my life was going. -G.S., Vacaville, CA

Both Derek at Cenegenics headquarters and Bob Ledda, MD my Cenegenics physician are on task, on point, helpful and knowledgeable! -Kevin Asp

They told me the truth about the real condition of my health and have a program that will raise my quality of life.” -Thomas H.

Great service and outstanding focus.” -Donald B.

Truly a medical management approach to living better. Your approach is professional which gives credence to the value of the information, technique and care you provide. -R&M R., Sebastopol, CA
I began to see changes in my body composition just a few weeks after starting the program and I saw an improvement in my blood pressure, too. I’ve learned that it’s not about dieting; it’s about making a lifestyle change. -J.P., Las Vegas, NV

Thank you again for introducing me to the Cenegenics program. Your office and especially your staff were an A+. Exactly what I expected from you. As always, very professional. Wish you nothing but success and I am looking forward to working with you and your staff. -M.M, Petaluma, CA

I appreciate your personal touch and enthusiasm to this program. Making this lifestyle change is easier if you just go with it, but your explanations make this transition palatable:-) The more I read, cook, and exercise the better it gets. I’m very happy with the immediate results. Thanks again -T&M P., Martinez, CA