About Robert Ledda, M.D.

Robert Ledda, M.D.
Robert Ledda, M.D.

Soldotna Alaska Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Robert Ledda, M.D. of Cenegenics Alaska, believes you are as UNIQUE AS YOUR LIFE! And, you should be cared for—and treated as such. Holistically.

That’s why for over four years, Dr. Ledda of Cenegenics Alaska and his brilliant staff have successfully treated hundreds of patients by offering some of the most innovative and effective anti-aging therapies available today, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), a method of therapy allowing both women—and men—to take back their lives by regaining the vibrancy and a passion for life they once enjoyed in their youth, again! Many have given up hope before finally turning to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and rediscovering a whole new lease on their lives.

Education, Training and Certifications

Dr. Ledda completed his medical school training at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. He graduated 21st out of 205 students and went on to pursue a Residency in Emergency Medicine at the second busiest emergency department in the country, Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis. Since completing his residency, he has been a full-time emergency room physician in Soldotna, Alaska and has treated nearly 60,000 acute-care patients. Obviously he has an extensive level of expertise in managing disease and a tremendous amount of experience observing chronic disease, experience which ultimately led him to seek education in prevention and wellness. Initially his interest was in managing his personal and family health, but after realizing the profound impact that this paradigm has on patient outcome he decided to build his own state-of-the-art medical facility.

Since completing his certification in Age Management Medicine with the Cenegenics Institute. It is obvious that Dr. Ledda cares about his patients and has a thirst for the science of wellness. He lives the lifestyle and practices what he preaches. Currently, Dr. Ledda has managed approximately 25 precision medicine patients which includes hormone optimization. And, with a practice that is rapidly growing since the recent construction of his personal Wellness Center in Soldotna, Alaska. Dr. Ledda of Cenegenics Alaska has a team prepared to manage all aspects of your Precision Health. He views precision medicine as an avenue to manage a patient’s wellness through lifestyle interventions and coaching, careful surveillance of the disease risk markers as well as surveillance for overt disease through regular laboratory testing, expert evidence-based hormone optimization and targeted supplementation with the added benefit of phone-style concierge medicine and simple office procedures (based on availability) all- inclusive.

Age Management Medicine Training Program

Since Cenegenics developed the Certification in Age Management Medicine training program 10 years ago 900 physicians have completed the training; Dr. Ledda is only the third physician to complete the training and become a Cenegenics partner. Cenegenics Physicians have been treating patients with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for almost 20 years. Collectively, they have treated over 40,000 patients. Dr. Ledda is one of 22 Cenegenics partners.

When people begin feeling better about themselves, their lives begin to change for the better. And, doesn’t everyone deserve to feel great at any age? Dr. Ledda believes so. Aging is natural, yes, a process born of life, itself, but no longer does it have to be such an uncomfortable rite of passage, thanks to innovative and effective therapies like Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.

At Cenegenics Alaska of Soldotna, Alaska, it the mission of Dr. Ledda to provide ALL of his patients with the necessary tools, education, and support needed to successfully manage their age-related issues.

If your wish is to rest yourself in the hands of one of the most competent, understanding and efficient Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Specialists in the entire Soldotna, Alaska area, then Dr. Ledda of Cenegenics Alaska is the choice for you.

Call today for your FREE consultation and learn how Soldotna Alaska Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Robert Ledda, M.D. can help you achieve your greatest YOU, yet.