Bioidentical Hormones for Men

Soldotna Alaska Andropause and Low Testosterone Doctor, Robert Ledda, M.D. and his staff at Cenegenics Alaska has helped countless men in the Kenai Peninsula Borough to prevent or reverse age related changes related to hormonal decline and imbalances. As men age, there is a noticeable decrease in muscle mass, energy levels and sex drive. These changes can be attributed to decreased production of testosterone or andropause. Low levels of testosterone have been linked to sleep apnea, depression, sexual dysfunction and other medical conditions. Most men don’t seek help for these problems because they believe these symptoms are just part of the aging process and if they do seek treatment, their physicians prescribe drugs that often don’t work or have unwanted side effects.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safe and effective way to alleviate conditions due to andropause and the aging process and can help you get back to the activities and life you enjoy.

What is Low Testosterone and Andropause?

Andropause is the name given to low androgen levels (e.g., testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, estrogen) or decreased androgen production in aging men. The most known male androgen is testosterone. Low levels of testosterone are a known cause of andropause and is well documented in aging men. Testosterone is also responsible for libido (i.e., sex drive) and sexual functioning. When testosterone levels are low, these functions and many others can be impaired. By the 40’s or 50’s, testosterone levels can drop as much as 25% in men.

The symptoms of andropause are similar to the symptoms experienced by women during menopause, but to a much lesser extent. Hot flashes, night sweats, depressive mood, aches and pains along with increased irritability and decreased energy levels are symptoms experienced by women during menopause and men during andropause. For most men, symptoms occur gradually but in some cases, can be instant and abrupt.

Symptoms of Low T and Andropause Include:

Loss of strength
Many men experiencing andropause notice a steep decrease in strength and muscle mass, which is commonly associated with andropause or low testosterone levels. Increasing levels of testosterone with Hormone Replacement Therapy has been proven effective for those struggling with decreased strength and muscle mass.

Another common symptom of andropause is fatigue. Men complain about a persistent feeling tiredness and a lack of energy and motivation. Low DHEA levels in addition to low testosterone and high cortisol levels can lead to many health problems including fatigue. Balancing levels of these hormones with Hormone Replacement Therapy can restore your energy levels.
Male breasts are a common issue for men with high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels. As men age, testosterone levels drop while estrogen levels increase. Hormone Replacement Therapy can balance these hormone levels and help reduce the risk and effects of gynecomastia.

Erectile Dysfunction
Testosterone levels help achieve and maintain erections for sexual activity and when levels are low, erectile dysfunction may be the result. Testosterone levels can be low due to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol thereby increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Hormone Replacement Therapy can help stop erectile dysfunction by balancing levels of testosterone and estrogen.
Low testosterone levels are a known cause of depression in men. Men with low levels of testosterone are 400% more likely to be diagnosed with depression. Balancing levels of testosterone and estrogen can eliminate depressive symptoms in men.
Irritability and Anxiety
High cortisol levels can diminish the amount of free testosterone in the blood stream, leading to increased estrogen levels and irritability in men. Anxiety can be easily corrected by balancing levels of testosterone and estrogen with Hormone Replacement Therapy.
Memory Loss
Testosterone helps regulate the release of cortisol, which impacts the release of neurotransmitters and when neurotransmitter levels are low, the result can be memory loss and decreased cognitive functioning. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can restore memory and cognitive functioning for many men who think they are just getting old.

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder characterized by the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep or both. Low levels of testosterone are a known cause of insomnia and other sleep disorders in men and women. Increasing levels of testosterone can help you get the restful sleep you need for healthy, normal functioning.

Weight Gain
One of the most common issues experienced by both sexes as they age is weight gain and excess stores of fat. High levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone in men and women can contribute to weight gain and excess fat stores. Increasing levels of testosterone and decreasing levels of estrogen with male Hormone Replacement Therapy is a safe and effective way to combat weight gain and feel great.

Take Back Your Life With Natural Hormone Therapy for Men

Physicians who practice alternative approaches to traditional medicine realize that hormonal imbalances can contribute to many health and wellness issues and many have begun using hormones to treat conditions that affect many as they age. Hormone Replacement Therapy helps fight against the signs and symptoms of aging by restoring levels of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and other essential hormones.

The aging process does not have to be filled with pain, misery and discomfort. Soldotna Alaska Andropause Doctor, Robert Ledda, M.D. is committed to improving the health of all of Soldotna Alskas area with Hormone Replacement Therapy. You don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. The physicians and staff at Cenegenics Alaska will check your current hormone levels and design a treatment plan for individual hormone and health care needs.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your hormones or the aging process any longer! Call Soldotna Alaska Low Testosterone and Andropause Doctor, Robert Ledda, M.D. at Cenegenics Alaska and schedule your FREE consultation. It’s time to reclaim your life!